2019-2020 Player/Parent/Coach Agreement
Player Guidelines: As a Player for the Miami Breakers FC Competitive Team, or parent/guardian of a minor player I hereby agree to the following terms of Player Conduct: During the term of this agreement (Registration date- September 1, 2019), the player agrees to:

  1. Be ethical, honest, and honor all commitments with the Club, and his/her teammates.
  2. Not use alcohol, drugs or foul language at any time whether at practices, games or otherwise.
  3. Not use physical violence or threaten physical violence at any time
  4. Not engage in disparaging or negative conversations with referees, teammates, coaches, opponents or spectators.
  5. Consistently maintain all schoolwork and carry a 2.0 GPA or better.
  6. Obey the rules of the game per FYSA guidelines, tuck shirt into shorts, and do not wear jewelry, watches, or caps during practices or games.
  7. Remain with the team for the full Competitive Team season. The Miami Breakers FC competitive team season runs from August 1, 2019 through May 31, 2020.
  8. Player agrees that the Miami Breakers FC Competitive Travel team will be the primary team for the player during the 2019-2020 seasons.
  9. Leave the practice and game fields in the same condition as when they arrived. This includes removing and properly disposing of all trash and debris, whether playing at home or at an opponent’s field.
  10. Be at all practices at least 15 minutes early and at all games 60 minutes prior to game start time * Practices will be held two to three times a week. Practice Fields and times will be assigned by the Director of Coaching. * Games- you can expect to play one to two games per week.
  11. Make every effort to attend all team practices, league games, and tournaments. In the event you are unable to attend a game or practice, the Coach will be notified in advance.
  12. Be properly dressed for practices and games, including soccer cleats, shin guards, and the appropriate socks, shorts, and jerseys, as officially designated by Miami Breakers FC. *Please note that shin guards are mandatory! Any player not wearing the designated uniform including shin guards, will not be allowed to practice.
  13. Always arrive prepared for practices and games with plenty of water. Water is crucial to maintaining peak performance—properly hydrate your body, beginning at least two hours prior to play.
  14. Approach nutrition and rest as major personal responsibilities. Eat nutritious, healthy food, in a timely fashion, so as to enhance playing performance. Regularly get sufficient rest to allow your body adequate time to recuperate and heal.
  15. Always inform your coach and parents of any injuries you may sustain. When necessary, immediately seek out the proper medical attention.
Parent/Guardian Pledge and Agreement:

As a parent/guardian I agree the primary focus of MIami Breakers FC is to ensure that the time spent learning and playing soccer is positive and rewarding for the player. I/We also understand that at the competitive level every effort will be made to play our child, however it is up to the coach to decide if a child does or does not play. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES OF PLAYING TIME. I/we agree we will maintain a positive attitude towards the named player and the game at all times, and agree that the game is played by, for and on behalf of our children. During the term of this agreement, the Miami Breakers FC Competitive Travel team member parent/guardian agrees to:

  1. Be ethical and honest, and to honor all commitments to the Club, its teams, coaches and players.
  2. Commit to the Miami Breakers FC Competitive Travel Team as the primary team for the Player during the 2019-2020 season.
  3. Always behave with good sportsmanship while attending and watching games. Parents are considered spectators during games. Do not approach the coaching area or bench unless the coach has specifically called you over to assist the player. Treat all team members of the coaching staff, team administrators and Miami Breakers FC with respect.
  4. Never coach the players, no matter how good your intentions. Before, during, or after games, there should be no shouting of instructions to your son/daughter, or yelling complaints, or trying to argue with the officials, coaches, players or other spectators.
  5. Support your player and his/her team with encouragement, not with disapproval. As a rule, if it is not a positive comment, do not say it.
  6. Acknowledge that players are expected to concentrate and give each practice and game their undivided attention. Therefore, there shall be no visiting between players and parents, family, friends, pets, or others until the coach has dismissed players from their practices or games.
  7. Never interrupt or interfere during a team’s training time together. Parent-coach discussions are to be held in private, not before, during, or immediately following practice sessions or game , unless a prior appointment has been made. In all instances, the head coach shall make the final decision regarding a player’s position and playing time.
  8. During player practice times, all parent/guardians, relatives, and friends of players should remain well back of the sidelines or designated team practice area.
  9. Ensure that players arrive at least 60 minutes before game times, properly equipped and ready to play.
  10. Supervise, support, and reiterate your player’s personal responsibility for proper and sufficient nutrition, fluid intake and rest. If you or your player has a question about which foods and beverages are best for peak athletic performance, please ask your coach.
  11. Make prompt payment to the Club and Coach when team related fees are due. Fulfill your financial commitment for the full season; August 1, 2019 through May 31st, 2020
  12. Recognize that playing on the Miami Breakers FC team may require out of town travel or lengthy travel within Florida. We are aware that tournaments will require overnight accommodations and that all expenses associated with tournaments are an extra cost.
  13. Ensure that all requirements of the player agreement are fulfilled
  14. Understand that the coach of the team makes all decisions concerning practices, games, playing time and positions and those Parent/Guardians, Players and all spectators must respect these decisions. We acknowledge that the Coach controls all practices and games. The Miami Breakers FC Travel Team Coach has the right to ask Parents/Guardians or Players to leave, not to interfere with or comment upon the Coach’s control of the team during any practice or game.
  15. We understand that if at any time we have a conflict or concern it is the policy of Miami Breakers FC for the parent to first attempt to resolve the issue with the coach, if an agreement cannot be made then the parent has the right to contact the DOC.
Financial Commitment:
  1. Registration $395.00
  2. Uniform Kit : Includes: Game Uniform Set 2 Jerseys, 2 pair of shorts, 2 pair of socks and 2 Practice Shirts, **Additional items may be purchased as desired**
  3. Coaches Fees: All teams will have a coaching fee that will be due the first of each month starting September 1 and will run through May 31. Fees are set by the Club and range from $110 to $125.00 per month for the ten month season. -Late Payment Fees:Monthly Coaches fees are considered to be late if not received by the 5th of each month and a $20 late fee will be added to your account after the second occurrence of a Coaches fee being late. -Failure to pay your monthly coach’s training fees within thirty (30) days of fee payment due date will invoke the No PAY/NO PLAY Policy. Players will not be eligible to participate in team practices, games and tournaments until financial obligations are paid in full.-Failure to pay monthly dues, for the duration of the season, will result in the player being placed in Not Good Standing with our governing body, FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association).
  4. Referee Fees- All teams will have referee fees depending on the league(s) they are registered for and level of play.
  5. Tournament Fees-Tournaments will be decided upon by the Coach and DOC and must be paid for by the given deadline. Fees include: – Tournament Registration Fee – Coach tournament travel expenses when applicable -PLEASE NOTE THAT IF A TEAM REGISTERS FOR A TOURNAMENT OR EVENT AND THEN WITHDRAWS RESULTING IN A FINE, THE TEAM WILL BE REQUIRED TO SPLIT THE COST OF THAT FINE BETWEEN IT’S MEMBERS. THE CLUB IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING SUCH FEES.
  6. Coach Travel & Expenses : Miami Breakers FC competitive coaches will be responsible to pay their respective travel expenses for league game within the boundaries of Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. -Miami Breakers FC teams will be responsible for the coach’s gasoline and toll costs, plus Half Travel Day per diem on travel to league games outside of Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Miami Breakers FC teams will be responsible to pay a per diem for any tournament held within Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties that requires the coach to remain on site for more than 6 hours in one day. -Miami Breakers FC teams will be responsible for the coach’s travel expenses for all travel to tournaments or league games that require an overnight stay. Travel expenses include direct airfare, lodging. gasoline and toll costs, and Travel Per Diems as indicated below. All players on the team are responsible for all costs including but not limited to the expenses mentioned above, regardless of whether an individual player participates for the entire season or not.
  7. Injury Policy: Player Monthly Dues will not be refunded or forgiven due to player absences or early release from a team. The only exception to this policy occurs when the player provides the Head Coach with documented proof that an injury prevents them from playing for full season. A Season Ending injury is defined as an injury that requires a rehabilitation period of 6 months or longer, as prescribed in writing by a licensed physician or physical therapist.
  8. Refund policy: After the start of training on 9/1/2019, no refunds will be granted to any player who resigns from the team prior to the end of their season commitment. Parents/Guardians are responsible for entire Players Monthly Due for the 2019-2020 season.
  9. PLAYER RELEASES: If a player requests a release prior to the completion of the soccer seasonal year, the player agrees to pay Miami Breakers FC. a $750.00 processing fee. All requests for a release must be requested in writing (paper or electronic) to Miami Breakers FC Registrar. This fee must be paid prior to the release being processed payable by Check to Miami Breakers FC Foundation.

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